SD4mX School Bus Video Systemsа

Driver Risk / Driver Safety Vehicle Video Camera Solutions
Vehicle Security Cameras & Driver Safety Surveillance Systems
Built in 3-axis Accelerometer Documents & Alerts Dangerous DrivingаBehaviors
WhatаDangerousаDrivingаBehaviorsаLooks Like

Driver Safety Seriesа

A student video surveillance system with high quality hardware, built in 3-Axis Accelerometer, to document Dangerous Driving Behaviors, unreported crashes and impacts or Eco-Driving, 128 GB of solid state memory capacity supported, enhanced user features, and a longer expected service life for this pupil transit camera system.а

The SD4mX mobile vehicle surveillance DVR has no moving parts in the recording mechanism, making it 100% Solid State Digital. It is able to endure very harsh environments making them well suited for high-risk vehicle applications that require rugged solid state dependability for video evidence. The addition of the GPS to this student transportation camera system provides the speed of the bus as well as playback with On Screen mapping. Added benefits of the Value Series over the Mini are the Driver Behavior recording aspects of the 3-Axis accelerometer, combined with the active driver alerts. Whether your primary concern is a driver flipping a vehicle in a hard turn or student transit camera surveillance for enhanced student safety this DVR has the tools to help reinforce safer driving behaviors.


Driver Safety Series G-Sensor School Bus Video Systemа

SD4mX DVRs offer these features:

  • 128GB 100% Solid State Digital memory capacity, (optional 1TB HDD)
  • 4-channel School Bus Video DVR accepts 4 аcameras with audio
  • 10-Year Extended Warranty available
  • Mosaic "Blurring" software to help protect non involved passengers during video presentation
  • Selectable Motion Detection permits conservation of memory
  • Driver Event Marker Buttonаpermits faster review of school bus camera file
  • Remote DVR Status Indicatorа(Optional) permits driver to know if the system if fully functional
  • D1 high resolution & H.264 compression permits longer onboard memory storage files
  • Locking Integral Security case (included)аhelps protect access to files
  • Audible Driver Alerts from 4 Alarm input to 1 alarm output
  • Built in 3-axis Accelerometer, Crash trigger & G-Sensor Charting

SD4mX ааStudents With Disabilities & Special Needs BusаCamera System Pricing:

SD4mX-1.....1 Camera аDriver Safety Special Needs & DisabledаStudentаSchool Bus Security Surveillance camera $650 - $750

SD4mX-2.....2 Camera аDriver SafetyаSpecial Needs & Disabled StudentаSchool Bus Security Surveillance camera $750 - $850

SD4mX-3.....3 Camera аDriver SafetyаDisabled StudentаWheelchairаAccessibleаBusаSecurity Surveillance Camera $850 - $950

SD4mX-4.....4 Camera аDriver SafetyаDisabled StudentаWheelchairаAccessibleаBusаSecurity Surveillance Camera $950 - $1,050

GPS Module for Vehicle speed, location and on screen mapping during playback……………….….$50